One of the symbols of Georgia, Gergeti trinity church was built in the 14th century, with its austere charm and wild beauty of this place have a striking effect on one’s imagination. Far below lies Stephantsminda, while on the opposite side of the gorge there is a steep rock wall of height of more than 4 kilometers. Gergeti trinity church is built against the background of the eternal glaciers of Kazbegi– the very same mountains from Greek mythology, where the gods chained Prometheus for stealing fire for people. Its peak whitens at the altitude of 5034 meters, and snow never melts there. Georgian name of Kazbegi is “Mkinvartsveri”, which means icy peak. Apart from its religious purpose, historically the medieval church used to serve as a hiding place. During invasions at different times in Georgia’s history the national treasure was hidden there, since the place was hardly reachable for enemies;