Narikala fortress – the main fortress of Tbilisi represents one of the oldest places in the city and a prominent hallmark of the capital. Located high on a hill, the fortress is visible literally from any part of the city and offers visitors a dizzying view of Tbilisi and the Mtkvari River.

The fortress was established in the 4th century, around the period when the city itself was founded,

at that time the fortress was known with different name “Shuris-tsikhe”. The name Narikala is said to derive from a Persian word for citadel, but another theory says that this was the Mongolian name that they used for “little fortress”.

Most of the surviving fortifications and structures belong to the 16-17th centuries. Inside the fortress is placed the church of St. Nicholas (12th century), reconstructed in 20th century.

Narikala fortress is one of the monumental place in whole city, nowadays you can use the cable car to reach the fortress, from where you will have incredible views, or you can stay old fashioned and walk on the hill towards to the fortress.