Located 1,400m (4,600ft) high, Shatili is known to be one of the most valuable and outstanding examples of Georgian vernacular architecture. With its fortress-settlement with 60 towers in it, shatili is a UNESCO world heritage site since 2007. The road that leads to Shatili is charming itself, while driving through you will come across with dazzling views on mountains and stunning flowering meadows and river gorge. The road is dangerous armature drivers, you will need 4 wheel drive vehicle with experienced driver to conquest Shatili. This strategical location (Shatili is located just 6 km away from the Russian and Georgian border) was what successfully served as a fortress, loyally protecting Georgia’s Northern pass from invaders during history.  Overlooking the river Arghuni, Shatili is placed on a rock. The towers built in the stone served both protective and residential functions. Those buildings underwent a lot of turmoil through centuries proudly stand still. To experience Shatili with everything what this place performs, we suggest you spend one night inside and enjoy Khevsurian breakfast in the morning.